Questions regarding the Brand Ambassador Program

Questions regarding the Brand Ambassador Program

How do I become an ambassador and earn from it?

All you need to do is to register your email here!

This same invite will also be sent to your email after you’ve made your first purchase. After creating an account you’ll be able to access your very own “Control Centre” which you can share with anyone – every time someone uses your referral link/code for their first purchase, you will receive a 5% commission of the total sale.

 I've made a successful referral. Why have I not received my reward?

We’re sorry to hear that! There are several reasons why this could have happened:
  • Your friend did not click your referral link before making a purchase
  • Your friend completed the purchase using a different device and browser from the one used to click your referral link
  • After a successful referral has been made, we will need some time to process and dish out the commission to you. We seek your kind understanding on this matter.  

If the above mentioned does not apply to your situation, do contact us at


How do I know how many rewards I've received?

You can access the control centre to check your commission status via this link. You’ll be able to see your total sales, total commission, and total pending commission.


What if I forgot my referral code?

You can view and edit your referral code at your very own control centre. In your dashboard, you should be able to view and edit your referral link and coupon referral code.


What if I forgot my password for my control centre?

Access this link and click “Forget Password?”. Enter your email address and instructions will be sent to you on how to reset your password. 


If my friend (who I've referred) successfully referred someone else, do I get rewarded?

Unfortunately, no. Homlly currently isn’t doing a tiered reward system.

For example: If A refers B, and then B refers C

  • A will be rewarded for referring B and B will be rewarded for referring C
  • A will not be rewarded when B refers C